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Polar Opposites, Episode 5 | Is Game Two Against Houston A Must Win?

M. Hofeld


The debate over Russell Westbrook and James Harden rages on and there’s no shortage of arguments in this latest episode of Polar Opposites. Rich DeCray even weighs in a few times to share his opinions when Craig and Matt reach a stalemate. At the center of the argument is the surrounding cast for the two MVP candidates.

Also included in this episode are the things we didn’t see coming in Game 1 against the Houston Rockets as well as the things that must change for game two. Will Billy Donovan stick to his words, “Can’t play Kanter,” or was that whole thing blown out of proportion? We delve into that and much more during this episode.

Thanks for listening and please feel free to participate in the conversation by using the comments section below. Also, we’d love to hear some topic ideas from our readers and listeners as well. Feel free to jump on and offer suggestions as well.

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