Oklahoma City Thunder | October 24, 2021

Oklahoma City Thunder | Game #3 Preview: Philadelphia 76ers

Tonight the Thunder takes on the Philadelphia 76ers in the regular season home opener, and when you take a look at the schedule for the next couple of weeks (Warriors twice, Lakers twice, Clippers once), this may be OKC’s best shot at a win. The Sixers are still missing Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid isn’t entirely healthy, and miraculously, the Thunder is just a 7.5-point underdog.

Oklahoma Sooners | October 22, 2021

Oklahoma Sooners Football | Injury Update 10.22.21

The Oklahoma Sooners are preparing to take on the struggling Kansas Jayhawks in Lawrence on Saturday. Without a week off through the first two months of play, the program remains […]

Oklahoma City Thunder | October 22, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game #2 Preview: Houston Rockets

The Thunder and the Rockets will do plenty of battle this season as they both fight for the bottom spot in the standings with hopes of gaining a better draft pick next summer. Still, that doesn’t mean this matchup can’t be an exciting one. With two top-6 draft picks going against one another, there’s bound to be some highlights here and there, and it will be interesting to see who wants to win this one (lose this one?) more.

Oklahoma City Thunder | October 20, 2021

OKC Thunder | Game Preview #1: Utah Jazz

The 2021-22 NBA season is upon us, and tonight, the Oklahoma City Thunder kickoff their season on the road against the Utah Jazz. The two clubs are extremely polarizing when you take a look at where they are and what their expectations are for this season.

Oklahoma Sooners | October 19, 2021

Oklahoma vs Kansas | A Look At The Quarterbacks

After scoring more than 50 points for two weeks in a row I think it’s safe to say that the quarterback situation in Norman has worked itself out. Better late […]