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Oklahoma Sooners | October 8, 2017

AP Poll | Oklahoma Sooners Plunge While OSU Cowboys Move Up

In the most recent AP Poll, it appears as though one conference continues to lose ground. The SEC — once touted as the best conference in the nation — finds […]


Oklahoma Sooners | December 23, 2016

Sooner Nation Podcast | Joe Mixon, Auburn,& The Basketball Blues

It’s been way too long since we’ve produced a podcast but we finally were able to get one done. Obviously the hot story right now circles around Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon but there’s plenty of other things to discuss as well. Inside this episode of the SoonerNation Podcast we dig into several subjects.

Oklahoma Sooners | October 17, 2016

BYU Live Streaming Big 12 News Conference…Should We Connect The Dots?

To expand, or not to expand? That has been the question that the Big 12 has wrestled with for months now. At times the conversation has been cordial and in other moments it’s been so full of conflict that schools have threatened to leave. Now, the Big 12 is scheduling a press conference for 5:00 pm (Central) on Monday and BYU is all over it. The question is, is it worth paying attention to how much BYU is paying attention?

Oklahoma Sooners | October 9, 2016

Oklahoma 45 – Texas 40 | Notes & Quotes

Bob Stoops Opening statement: “First, compliments to Texas and Coach Strong, his staff and his team. A well-played, hard-fought, tough game all the way through, exciting game. Compliments to them. […]

Oklahoma Sooners | October 2, 2016

Oklahoma 52 – TCU 46 | Rapid Recap

Oklahoma was terrible in the first and fourth quarters but they showed flashes of dominance in the second and third quarters. The result was a stressful 52-46 victory over TCU that not only evened their season record to 2-2 but put the Sooners on the right track in their pursuit of another Big 12 championship.