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Oklahoma Sooners | January 23, 2019

Sooner Nation Podcast | Bedlam Basketball And Rebuilding The Offensive Line

There’s a lot to be said about this round of Bedlam because it’s huge for both schools.

There’s also a lot to be said about the football program.

Oklahoma Sooners | January 18, 2019

Alabama Sends Classy Goodbye To Jalen Hurts

If you need the know the value of the presence of Jalen Hurts the you need to look no further than the Alabama football program and fanbase. Where many programs and fans have been a bit jaded by graduate transfers, you find class and respect from the folks in Tuscaloosa towards their one-time national champion.

Oklahoma Sooners | January 13, 2019

The Hunt For Hurts | Why The Alabama Quarterback Would Pick Oklahoma

A former offensive coordinator could provide Hurts with some familiarity at Maryland and South Beach is always a draw for Miami but, outside of that, it’s hard to see what else those programs would hold over Oklahoma. If those truly are the options in Hurts’ final four then the Sooners should hold a sizable advantage for the following reasons.

Oklahoma Sooners | January 12, 2019

Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts Made Saturday Visit To Norman

His visit to Norman is far from a guarantee that he’ll ultimately transfer there. Hurts started the weekend at Maryland and is expected to be in Miami on Sunday, with Florida State also remaining an option. What it does mean is that there’s a reason for all of the transfer portal talk in Norman on Friday.