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Oklahoma Sooners | September 2, 2017

UTEP At Oklahoma | Three Offensive Players To Watch

To state the obvious, Oklahoma’s season opener against UTEP on Saturday afternoon shouldn’t be much of a contest. Sure, the Sooners are retooling of Oklahoma’s offense should come into play […]

Oklahoma Sooners | May 31, 2017

2017 Countdown To Kickoff | 94 Days!

After the departure of Trey Millard, many fans began clamoring for the resurgence of the tight end position. In 2014, the Oklahoma Sooners inked a promising prospect in Mark Andrews. […]

Oklahoma Sooners | October 5, 2016

Oklahoma 52 – TCU 46 | Position Grades

Oklahoma did exactly what they needed to do in Ft. Worth on Saturday but they didn’t exactly do it the way they needed to. While you have to be excited about the win you’d also be irresponsible if you didn’t point out lingering defensive woes and turnovers on offense. Turnovers aren’t just drive killers, they are potential game killers. There’s a specific reason why you want to force turnovers and not commit them.

Oklahoma Sooners | September 12, 2016

Oklahoma Sooners 59 – Louisiana-Monroe 17 | Offensive Position Grades

Oklahoma’s starting offense pretty much did what they were expected to Saturday night against Louisiana-Monroe. The Sooners produced 59 points and 640 yards of total offense. Again, it’s what they were supposed to do and you really can’t fault them for doing so against a defense that was out of their league in more ways than one.

Oklahoma Sooners | September 5, 2016

Oklahoma vs. Houston | Offensive Position Grades & The Cause Of The Offensive Stall

Oklahoma returned home from Houston with an 0-1 record and a whole lot of work still to do. Among the things that the Sooners must figure out is what happened to the offense and how to prevent it from happening again. The problem isn’t difficult to diagnose but the symptoms could be a bit misleading. Those symptoms, 5 sacks and a disappearing passing attack, resulted in OU’s offensive stall and ultimately the loss.