Has The Boz Turned On Bob Stoops? It Sure Sounds Like It

Charlie Strong isn’t the only coach on the hot seat in Dallas this weekend…according to Brian Bosworth. The former All-American linebacker for Oklahoma implied that it’s time for the Sooners to get ready for life without Bob Stoops during an interview on Fox Sports 1’s Speak for Yourself.

“I’d really like to see Oklahoma find, and start to cultivate, that next coach,” Bosworth said in the interview with Jason Whitlock. When pressed in a follow up question by Whitlock about moving on from Stoops, if the Sooners don’t finish the season strong, Boz replied with the following.

“Well, I appreciate everything that Bob’s done, he’s had a great run. He’s put up more wins than any other coach there. But the game passes much faster sometimes than the coach that’s currently coaching can keep up with, if he’s not making the strategic changes on his staff to bring in the types of players that are going to keep him at that top level of winning the conference championship.But more importantly how are you going to compete once you get into the bowl games and you’re playing the teams that are competing consistently for the national championships? The Alabama’s, the Ohio State’s. Those guys are doing something each and every year to rebuild the programs. They’re losing great players and yet they’re still coming out the following year to build the momentum throughout the season.”

Has the Boz turned on Bob Stoops? It sure sounds like it, and once high-profile alumni begin to do so then it’s just a matter of time before Joe Fan does the same. How about you? Where do you stand on the matter?

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