Rapid Recap | The Oklahoma Sooners Beat the Kansas State Wildcats 38-17


My rapid recap is going to look like observations and thoughts regarding the Sooners solid (if yet at times unspectacular) victory over the Wildcats.

  1. Please stop having games kickoff at 11 a.m. There is no energy for these games.
  2. I hope that Perine’s injury isn’t major. Reportedly a hamstring issue. This team is has had more than its fair share of injuries.
  3. Speaking of injuries, Joe Mixon played at less than 100% all game.
  4. Jordan Thomas seemingly falls asleep at least one time a game. I understand if players just make plays, but to blow coverage assignments is just baffling.
  5. Lincoln Riley is a trick play machine

6. Dede Westbrook doesn’t take a back seat to the guy who wears 0 and plays for the Thunder. He has been incredible. 9 catches 184 yards and 3 TDs.

7. The Sooners defensive line has some major depth issues with Walker and Dimon being out. That being said they are playing some really good football.

8. Obo is better than Striker (shhh…I said it).

9.  I’m pretty sure the Sooners running backs aren’t “easy to tackle.”

10. At some point the Sooners are going to get a big game changing INT. They have been so close so many times this season.

11. True Freshman Jordan Parker has been more the solid the last couple games. The Sooners have likely found an answer opposite Jordan Thomas.

12. The much maligned Sooners defense played much much better today. It’s something they can hopefully build on.

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