Sooners Hold At #16 In AP Poll After Shootout In Lubbock


It was far from pretty in West Texas on Saturday night but it was a fourth consecutive win for Oklahoma. The Sooners are now sitting at 5-2 on the season but AP writers weren’t impressed with OU’s 66-59 shootout win. While teams like LSU, North Carolina, Auburn, and Florida were making a move up, Oklahoma was holding steady in the same spot as last week at #16. In fact, outside of top-ranked Alabama, only three schools failed to budge in this week’s AP poll, with Tennessee and Western Michigan joining the Sooners.

Baylor remains the top-ranked team in the Big 12 at #8 but they are also joined in the Top 10 this week by West Virginia. Oklahoma State is trending back towards the Top 25 and is sitting at #28 should the poll extend that far.

AP Top 25

1. Alabama (60)
2. Michigan (1)
3. Clemson
4. Washington
5. Louisville
6. Ohio State
7. Nebraska
8. Baylor
9. Texas A&M
10. West Virginia
11. Wisconsin
12. Florida State
13. Boise State
14. Florida
15. Auburn
16. Oklahoma
17. Utah
18. Tennessee
19. LSU
20. Western Michigan
21. North Carolina
22. Navy
23. Colorado
24. Penn State
25. Virginia Tech

Dropped from rankings: Houston 11, Arkansas 17, Ole Miss 23

Others receiving votes: Washington State 84, Houston 67, Oklahoma State 62, Arkansas 14, Troy 6, USC 5, San Diego State 2, Pittsburgh 2, SMU 1

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  1. Oh sure, we can participate in a shootout in Lubbock, but are relegated to having a Rivalry in the Cotton Bowl.

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