Ten Moments That Helped Make Bedlam Football What It Is


As the Sooners and Cowboys set to face-off for the 111th time, the Big 12 championship once again hangs in the balance. Oklahoma owns an 85-18-7 record in the series but both schools have made their share of memorable moments in Bedlam history. While there literally are more moments than we can count, here are ten of my favorite moments from the last fifteen years that make this rivalry exactly what it is…Bedlam!

10. Jalen Saunders sparks an Oklahoma rally with a 81-yard punt return in 2012.

The Sooners trailed Oklahoma State 38-30 when Saunders fielded the punt but a couple of huge blocks and 91 yards later the game was tied following the 2-point conversion.

9. Tyreek Hill sends the game to overtime in 2014

There haven’t been too many time in Bob Stoops’ tenure where the masses questioned a Bob Stoops’ decision. That wasn’t the case in 2014 though when the decision to punt a second time to Tyreek Hill (following an O-State penalty) totally backfired.

8. Grant Bothun throws his first and only touchdown pass


With his offense struggling, Bob Stoops reached into his bag of tricks for Oklahoma’s first touchdown of the game.

7. Possibly the craziest interception in Bedlam history. 

Shaun Lewis gets credit for the pick but the hard work was actually done by Broderick Brown who jumped out of bounds to bat the ball back in.

6. Blake Bell’s game winning-drive in 2013

It was the only offensive touchdown the Sooners scored on the day.

5. Josh Fields finds Rashaun Woods for the upset. 

Less Miles took Oklahoma by storm in his first season as the Cowboys’ head coach. A late game-winning drive was capped with a Rashaun Woods touchdown to unseat the defending national champion Sooners.

4. James Hanna seals the game in 2010

In one of the more higher scoring Bedlam contests, Landry Jones found a wide open James Hanna up the left seam for the game clinching score.

3. Les Miles starts out 2-0 in the Bedlam series

Making the statement that the 2001 win wasn’t a fluke, Miles and the Cowboys hosted the Sooners in 2002. The result was a 38-28 win and a five of eight games winning streak that dated back to 1995.

2. Ryan Broyles takes it to the house in 2009

Ryan Broyles put the icing on the cake in Oklahoma’s 27-0 win in 2009 with this 85-yard punt return.

1. Brennan Clay wins it in overtime

To this day this remains as one of my all-time memorable moments at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

Alrighty then, that’s ten moments for us that make the Bedlam series what it is. How about you? What did we miss or where do you think we went wrong?

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