Joe Mixon Returning for Next Season? Yeah We Are Going to Overanalyze a Tweet


I always make a Christmas list and on that list I always put silly things like $1 Million Cash, a new truck, Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets, all the while knowing that none of this is possible.

Well how about this improbable scenario…Joe Mixon returns for next season.

You probably think I’m crazy, but it was the topic of local sports radio this week and then we have this tweet from Sooner defensive back Will Johnson.

So now the over analyzing begins.

  1. Players talk all the time about things that the media and fans have no idea about…. What if Joe Mixon has let teammates know he is returning. I mean Mixon can’t win the Heisman next year if he is playing in the NFL
  2. Why didn’t Will Johnson include Perine in his tweet? I mean why not Perine for Heisman? It seems like something could be building for Mixon to return
  3. OU has recruited 3 RBs for the class of 2017, but if both Mixon and Perine leave the depth chart would include the following scholarship players: Abdul Adams, Rodney Anderson (recovering from neck surgery), JUCO transfer Marcelias Sutton, True Freshman Trey Sermon, and True Freshman Kennedy Brooks. Thats enough bodies, but virtually NO experience.

So who knows at this point, but if you had to make me choose right now, I would lean towards Mixon returning to OU next season.

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