NSD | Oklahoma Sooners Put A Priority On Oklahoma & Texas Recruits

Receiving 27 letters of intent in the span of an hour and a half, the Oklahoma Sooners secured the nation’s fifth ranked recruiting class. Clearly a high level of play on the field combined with an aggressive approach on the recruiting trail has begun to pay dividends. Sitting down to address the media, Bob Stoops briefly touched on the program’s approach to recruiting.

Although the population of Oklahoma may be small, Stoops spoke highly of the level of talent scattered throughout the state. It’s a piece to the recruiting puzzle that the University of Oklahoma tends to lean on. This coaching staff fully believes the top talent in the state of Oklahoma can “compete with anyone in the nation” as Stoops mentioned during the course of the press conference Wednesday afternoon. Of course, the fertile recruiting grounds of Texas always come into play regardless of the conference.

Knowing the coaching staff builds from Oklahoma into Texas and beyond, I thought I’d map out the current recruiting class to see if those words rang true.

A man of his word, Stoops and the rest of the coaching staff have focused heavily on folks within a three hour driving time from Norman, Oklahoma. Hopefully the energy and effort spent on the recruiting trail pays off in the the Chase for Eight.

Welcome to Sooner Nation gentlemen!

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