2017 Countdown To Kickoff | 92 Days!

With 45 seconds left in regulation, the Oklahoma Sooners held a 35-28 advantage over the Oklahoma State Cowboys in 2014’s Bedlam match up. On the 40-yard line facing a 4th & 9 situation, Head Coach Bob Stoops elected to punt the ball away. Knowing a speedster like Tyreek Hill stood deep in OSU territory, the clear option was to punt it away…or in any direction that would avoid the running back. Instead, the ball was sent in Hill’s general direction.

Drifting towards the ball, Hill secured the punt and turned up field at the 8-yard line. Finding a running lane, the back avoided a would be tackler before turning on the afterburners. Streaking up the field, no other player would lay a hand on Hill before he crossed the goal line.

The play shifted momentum while forcing overtime — possibly the greatest spectacle in all of sports. With things going the Cowboys’ way, O-State eventually pulled off surprise win, upsetting the No. 20 Sooners.

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