Oklahoma Sooners | Baker Mayfield Will Not Be Suspended

The Oklahoma Sooners have decided to handle Baker Mayfield’s punishment internally. Back in February, the star quarterback was arrested for public intoxication. However, during the interaction with police officers, Mayfield also racked up a resisting arrest charge.

After waiting several months in limbo, fans now know the starting quarterback will not miss any game time. Instead the university has assigned Mayfield to 35 hours of community service. In addition to the community service, the Heisman hopeful will be required to partake in an achohol education class.

The requirements must be fulfilled before the beginning of the fall semester.

Recognizing the position he holds, Mayfield went on record stating, “I could not be more disappointed in my actions and the embarrassment they caused for my university and team. I am anxious to fulfill the responsibilities that have been set and am continuing to dedicate myself to the high standard everyone rightfully expects from someone in my position.”

As far as the university is concerned, many continue to question the state of the program. With numerous off the field issues popping up this off-season, action must be taken. This should prove to be a step in the right direction.

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