Twitter Reactions |Oklahoma State 1945 National Championship Post

Oklahoma State Athletics posted a photo on Twitter Wednesday afternoon of “1945 National Champions” being added behind the west end zone and the reactions were on the higher end of the entertainment scale.

The Cowboys were awarded the title last fall by the American Football Coaches Association in response to multiple requests that the AFCA established a panel of national championship coaches to retroactively select Coaches’ Trophy winners from 1922 (when the AFCA was founded) up to 1949 (the year before the Coaches’ Poll was first published). OSU submitted information to the AFCA and after a review was completed the panel awarded the title.

While many look at it as just being a “paper title” the accomplishment is still a great way to honor to a team that went 9-0 and featured seven veterans of World War II. Still though, there are several who are not pleased with the amount of enthusiasm involved as it makes the Pokes an easy target for ribbing from their in-state rivals and other Big 12 programs as well. Below is the best of what Twitter had to offer following the Tweet from the O-State athletic department.

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