AP Poll | Oklahoma Sooners Hold Steady While Oklahoma State Plummets

On what will become known as “survival weekend,” a shake up was bound to occur in the rankings. While the Oklahoma Sooners retain their spot at No. 3 in the most recent AP Poll, the program escaped an upset bid in Waco. Despite winning by eight points on the road to a now 0-4 Baylor Bears squad, OU received a first place vote.

AP Poll | Week 5

1. Alabama (first-place votes — 52)
2. Clemson (8)
3. Oklahoma (1)
4. Penn State
5. USC
6. Washington
7. Georgia
8. Michigan
9. TCU
10. Wisconsin
11. Ohio State
12. Virginia Tech
13. Auburn
14. Miami
15. Oklahoma State
16. Washington State
17. Louisville
18. South Florida
19. San Diego State
20. Utah
21. Florida
22. Notre Dame
23. West Virginia
24. Mississippi State
25. LSU

Dropped out: Florida State (12), Oregon (24)

Making the biggest move of the week in the Big 12 was none other than the TCU Horned Frogs. Heading to Stillwater, I expected a plethora of points to be had. However, I never would have guessed the outcome would have favored the Frogs. Defeating the No. 6 Oklahoma State Cowboys in Boone Pickens Stadium impressed the media as TCU skyrocketed seven spots into No. 9 in the country.

Dropping due to the home loss, Oklahoma State plummeted nine spots to No. 15 in this week’s rankings. Two becomes three as the distance between OU, OSU, and the rest clearly isn’t as far as we once thought. That statement seems to be a trend across the country. Regardless, the Big 12 Conference placed four programs inside the top 25 this week.

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