Best Catch of the Night | Ceedee Lamb or Denzel Mims?

The Oklahoma Sooners came in to Saturday evening as heavy favorite over the Baylor Bears. Jumping out to an early 21-7 lead, the remaining three quarters provided plenty of entertainment. With a flood of scoring, two receptions stand out above the rest. But, which one was better?

Taking the snap from the 22-yard line, Baker Mayfield dropped back to throw the ball. Finding the freshman phenom, Ceedee Lamb, the quarterback released the pass. With a defender making a play for the breakup, the ball was knocked up into the air. However, displaying a high level of concentration, Lamb secured the grab on a second effort before looking to turn up field for extra yards. The result was a 47-yard reception and of course, a first down

Competing for top catch of the night, Denzel Mims reeled in a similar ball in the second half. On the 32-yard line, Zach Smith dropped back to pass in the shotgun formation. Hurling the ball toward the sideline, Mims found himself with a defender refusing to give up space. Knocking the ball up into air, the receiver stuttered backwards while securing the catch. Placing a foot down in bounds, the play secured a first down as well as eating up 25 yards.

So, what do you think?

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