Rodney Anderson Sparks Oklahoma To 42-35 Shootout Win At Kansas State

Baker Mayfield was his typical Heisman-worthy self in Manhattan on Saturday night. Oklahoma’s senior quarterback completed 32-of-41 passes for 410 yards and two touchdowns while also running for 69 yards and two more scores.  However, Mayfield’s supporting cast was a set of unlikely heroes.

Sophomore receiver Marquise Brown recorded a team-high 126 passing yards on six receptions, in what was certainly his most impressive performance as a Sooner. However, it was Sophomore running back Rodney Anderson who proved to be the show stopper.

After struggling their way through the first half, Anderson helped spark Oklahoma offense to 32 second half points and scored the game winning touchdown. Finishing with 147 yards on 19 carries, Anderson also made his presence felt as a receiver by bringing in four passes for 30 yards and a score. His highlight moment came in the closing seconds though when he scampered 22 yards down the sideline for the go ahead touchdown.

No Panic

Trailing 21-10 at the half, there was widespread panic among Oklahoma fans on social media, and possibly even in the stands, but there certainly wasn’t any on the Sooner sideline.

Oklahoma regained control in the third quarter and steadily established offensive, and even some defensive, confidence through the second half.

If It Ain’t Broke The Don’t Fix It

I have no explanation for the continued use of the Wildcat Formation in the second quarter and the insertion of Kyler Murray at key moments. I can tell you that I didn’t like them…at all. They were all highly ineffective and honestly overused.

This Is The Defense And We Need To Be Ready For It

I don’t like it, you don’t like it, nobody likes it. We should probably get used to it though. Oklahoma’s defense is going to struggle at specific moments of games and they’re going to give up big plays. They’re also going to have moments where they adjust and rise to the occasion.

While we’ve got plenty of reason to be critical we also have to point to the fact that the defense changed the direction of the game with key stops in the third quarter.

Baker Mayfield Is The Most Clutch Player In The Country

Going back to the no panic comment, is there another player in America who you’d rather have the ball in his hands than Mayfield?

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