Du’Vonta Lampkin Declares For 2018 NFL Draft

At the beginning of the season, Du’Vonta Lampkin was forced to the sideline due to a suspension. Missing the first two of three game, the redshirt sophomore helped to fill a gap in the middle of the defensive line left by the injured Matt Romar. Recording 25 tackles and five for a loss, the defensive tackle indicated a desire to return to collegiate level despite being draft eligible.

Now, the tides have turned as Lampkin announced his intentions to enter the 2018 NFL Draft. The Houston native joins two other Oklahoma Sooners who have declared for the NFL Draft early. However, Lampkin’s stock isn’t quite as high as Orlando Brown or Mark Andrews.

Regardless of a 17 game resume on the college scene, some organization at the next level will take a chance on the sophomore. Why? Lampkin, at 6-4 and 335-pounds, possesses the protypical size of a defensive tackle in the NFL. For comparison sake, the average NFL DT weighed in at 6-3 and 310-pounds over the past several years.

Needless to say, Oklahoma must now fill the void. It could be quite the tall task knowing it was the Sooners’ weak point all season long.

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