University of Maryland Is Targeting Joe Castiglione For Vacant AD Job, But I Wouldn’t Worry

When you’ve built an empire it’s really hard to walk away from it, even if it means going home. The University of Maryland is hoping that the latter part of that statement doesn’t ring true when it comes to Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione.

Oklahoma DieHards posted this morning that the Terrapins are targeting the Sooner AD for their vacant position. Knowing they can’t afford Castiglione, Maryland is hoping that the satisfaction of his accomplishments and the opportunity to return to his alma mater.

The DieHards post is based on an article in the Baltimore Sun in which former Maryland Board of Regents member Tom McMillen admits that landing Castiglione is a long shot.

“The Joe Castigliones of the world are not coming to Maryland,” McMillen said rather frankly. “Maryland is a tough situation. It’s going to be a challenge.”

I’m sure there is a job out there that could pull Joe Castiglione away from Oklahoma but I’m also quite sure that Maryland isn’t that place. Maryland may have been where he went to college but Norman has been his home for the last twenty years.

He’s raised his family around the crimson and cream and his son is a walk-on fullback for the Sooners. I’m pretty confident Oklahoma fans don’t have much to worry about here.

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