Berry Tramel Ranks Sooners Non-Conference Schedule 3rd In Big 12

Attempting to impress the College Football Playoff Committee, programs across the nation look to bolster the non-conference portion of the schedule. Often rewarded by increasingly difficult schedules in the CFP Rankings, Power 5 Conferences plan to collide during the first several weeks of the season. In one hand, treasures abound. But in the other, risk and devastation await.

Yet, it appears as though the Oklahoma Sooners are falling behind the trend of the time. Despite a marquee matchup with the UCLA Bruins, the non-conference portion of the schedule fails to turn heads.

By comparison, seven other programs in the Big 12 have scheduled at least one other major conference opponent. Going above and beyond, the Texas Longhorns and West Virginia Mountaineers opted to challenge two Power 5 opponents in the opening weeks of the season. It’s the most obvious factor dictating UT and WVU’s take over of Berry Tramel’s Non-Conference Schedule Rankings.

Granted, Oklahoma has appeared in two College Football Playoffs to date. But, it’s only a matter of time until the tides change once again. With that said, is it time for the Sooners to up the ante?


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