Riley Drops Bombshell After Oklahoma’s First Practice | Kyler Murray Could Return For 2019

Oklahoma’s starting quarterback has yet to be established but that didn’t prevent Lincoln Riley from making a jaw-dropping statement to the media following the team’s first practice on Friday.

When asked about the perception that Kyler Murray was just going to be a 1-year player, Oklahoma’s head coach responded with the notion that might not exactly be the case.

“Well, I’m not gonna really … decide how I want to handle that … um, we’ll see if it’s his final year,” Riley said. “That hasn’t really been determined yet. I’m not worried about it if it is or if it isn’t. That’s gonna have no impact on this year.”

The assumption is that Murray would take the money and run following Oklahoma’s 2018 season. I mean, who would blame him? Waiting on the other side of his collegiate football career are the Oakland Athletics to which he has already signed with a $4.6 million signing bonus. While that absolutely still the safe play here, Riley made it clear that Kyler Murray’s future is in his own hands.

“My hope through this whole thing is that Kyler is gonna be able to do what he wants to do,” Riley stated. “If he wants to go play baseball after this year, then we’ll wish him well and be happy for him. But the ball’s gonna be in his court, which is where it should be.”

As for the decision to name a starting quarterback, the only information that Riley gave was that he doesn’t have a time frame to make the announcement yet.

“I don’t have one (a timetable), really,” Riley said. “Just kinda see how it goes. Obviously if both guys are playing at a similar level and you get closer to the first game, then you do start getting up against the wall a little bit where you have to make a decision… I haven’t put a timeline on it. I’m gonna see how they play and where they’re at and base the decision on that.


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