Oklahoma vs. Florida Atlantic | Offensive Keys To The Game

Let the Kyler Murray era begin! Saying that the redshirt junior quarterback has some big shoes to fill would be the Captain Obvious statement of the young football season. If Oklahoma’s offense is to continue the success of past seasons then Murray is going to need some support. Here are three keys for the offense on Saturday.

Run the ball effectively | The combo of Rodney Anderson and Trey Sermon is likely going to be the top running back duo in the conference this year. If they average their 6.17 and 6.14 yards per carry from a year ago then the Sooner offense is going to be humming.

Avoid turnovers | Florida Atlantic doesn’t have the horses to keep pace with Oklahoma but a couple of turnovers could really mess that up. If Lane Kiffin isn’t an offensive mastermind then he’s the next closest thing. The last thing you want to do is give him extra possessions.

Play clean | Looking at the talent in OU’s receiving corps, it should be s given that there will be some explosive moments. They are just that good. However, good teams can play bad football (Just look down south at Texas). The Sooners can avoid this trap by avoiding penalties along the offensive line, down field blocking penalties and running crisp routes.

This should be a mildly challenging game for the Sooners but nothing that should take them deep into the second half, especially if the offense is clicking.

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