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Oklahoma State vs. Boise State | Offensive Keys to the Game

Zachary Low


Offensive Keys

The Oklahoma State offense had another solid outing on Saturday against South Alabama. After two weeks of college football, the Cowboys lead the nation with 674.5 yards per game, and they are tied for eighth in the nation with 56.5 points per game. Even still, there are a few areas that need some work, and if Oklahoma State doesn’t bring their best on Saturday, Boise State could be headed back to Idaho with a road victory against a top-25 team on their résumé.

Protect Corndog

Taylor Cornelius has proven himself as a solid quarterback so far. He has an ability to throw a deep ball, and his mobility is an added dynamic to the game that will give them Cowboys an edge against defenses that can get pressure in the pocket.

The downside to all of this is that Oklahoma State’s offensive line has already had trouble protecting Cornelius, and Missouri State and South Alabama are the easiest teams the Cowboys will face all season by a lot. Boise State racked up six sacks and 12 tackles for loss in their first two games, and if the Cowboy front line looks as bad as it did at times in the last two weeks, the Broncos could see those numbers going up in rapid fashion.

Create a Push for Justice Hill

Not only has the offensive line struggled to protect the quarterback, but they haven’t been able to create any kind of push for the run game. The Cowboys managed just 164 rushing yards on 44 attempts against South Alabama, which is pathetic. Justice Hill, one of the best running backs in the country, had just nine carries for 32 yards.

Oklahoma State is going to have some real issues on Saturday if they are incapable of establishing some type of success on the ground. The Broncos haven’t faced a tough opponent yet, either, but they have only allowed 123 yards per game so far. Justice Hill needs to have a bounce back game if the Cowboys want to have a chance to win this one.

Make Each Possession Count

The Cowboys turned the ball over three times on Saturday against South Alabama after committing two turnovers against Missouri State the week before. Those five mistakes rank Oklahoma State in the bottom 20 in the nation, and they have yet to play a decent team.

Part of the problem is Taylor Cornelius’s inability to have time to throw the ball which has led to interceptions. Whatever happens, the Cowboys have to take care of the ball.

On top of not turning the ball over, Oklahoma State has to put points on the board. Playing a solid team like Boise State means no wasted possessions. Not taking advantage of every situation can come back to bite you, which means the Cowboys need to treat every possession like the game is on the line.



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