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Oklahoma Sooners Improve to 5-0 With Big Win Over Baylor | Three Quick Takeaways

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The Oklahoma Sooners earned yet another win in front of a home crowd. Securing a 66-33 victory, Kyler Murray tossed six touchdowns. Another weekly award could easily be in store for this quarterback which brings us to this weekend’s edition of quick thoughts.

Kyler Murray Is Special

Although Kyler Murray did not start the contest, the quarterback led the Sooners to a fifth consecutive win. Starting the season 5-0 puts Murray in a category his predessessor never enjoyed.

Throughout the duration of his time in Norman, Baker Mayfield never earned a 5-0 start despite two trips to the College Football Playoff. Initially, Oklahoma lost to Texas in a heated rivalry the fifth week of the year. The following year, the program dropped a contest to not only Houston but also Ohio State. Finally, Iowa State defeated OU inside the Palace on the Prairie…all with Mayfield at the helm.

Needless to say, Murray is certainly a special player. The quarterback provides stability during a season in which many teams are seeing turnover — especially with the new set of rules. Who knows, maybe another trip to the CFP is in store.

A Lackluster Defense

Throughout the duration of the season, the defense has come under fire. The most glaring issue over the past three weeks remains missed tackles. Against the Baylor Bears, the story once again played out. Consistently finding a path into the backfield on the blitz, Justin Broiles missed on a potential sack opportunity. Not to be left out, several others committed the same offense.

Against spread offenses, the secondary often gets left hung out to dry. But in reality, the defensive backs rely heavily on the pass rush. Watching the game live, it appeared as though Matt Rhule keyed in on this aspect, abandoning the rushing attack altogether. Taking cracks down field, the tactic worked as BU put up 33 points on the afternoon.

Needless to say, tackling must continue to be a point of emphasis moving forward.

There’s Room To Improve Along OL

Coming off such a dominant year along the offensive line, the bar was set high for the current group. Five weeks into the season and it appears as though this group has yet to really get together. The biggest indicator has been the lack of a rushing game without Rodney Anderson.

Stepping up to fill the void, Trey Sermon is undoubtedly the starter. But, Kennedy Brooks starred in the role against Baylor. Eclipsing the 100 yard rushing barrier makes the offensive line appear good and well. Yet, Brooks record single carries for 34 and 49 yards respectively. While you can’t discredit the work, you also can’t ignore the absence of an initial push upfront.

Make no mistakes, the group has been well above average in pass protecting. Now if they’ll add the ability to open up the rushing game to the resume, we’d be in business.

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