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Unpopular Opinion | Oklahoma State’s Biggest Foe? Themselves!

Rich DeCray


The Oklahoma State Cowboys rejoin the ranks of the top twenty-five after a convincing win over the Kansas Jayhawks. Improving to 4-1 on the year, Mike Gundy’s program sits as the gatekeeper at No. 25 heading into week six. But, we’re not here to talk about the most recent AP Poll. Instead we’ve gathered to share an unpopular opinion concerning O-State.

With that said, I believe Oklahoma State’s most difficult opponent remains themselves. Hear me out on this one before completely disregarding the argument and dismissing this post.

Over the weekend, the Cowboys were penalized eight times for 92 yards. The mistakes significantly helped the opponents defense, specifically in terms of pass defense. Being whistled for offensive pass interference, OSU shot themselves in the foot on several occasions. By the close of the game, Mike Gundy found himself holding a -40 penalty margin.

However, it’s something that has plagued the program throughout the duration of the 2018 season. Racking up 7.2 penalties per game, O-State sets themselves back by an average 71.4  each weekend. The number ranks second in the conference and the Cowboys have yet to run the gauntlet. Imagine the impact of penalties against opponents like Oklahoma and West Virginia.

Needless to say, Oklahoma State must clean up the play on the field if the players hope to retain a spot in the top twenty-five throughout the duration of the season.

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