Twitter Supports Rodney Anderson’s Decision To Declare For NFL Draft

Earlier this week, word quickly spread of Rodney Anderson’s rehabilitation process taking place off campus. Drawing quick conclusions, many expected the injured running back to make the leap to the NFL during the offseason instead of returning to school. Now, the news became official as Anderson declared for the upcoming draft.

The student-athlete previously graduated but enrolled in online courses in order to remain eligible for football. After a break out season last year, Anderson’s expectations soared through the roof. Proving to be a complete back, the junior racked up 100 yards rushing right out of the gate. In week two against UCLA, the Katy, Texas native carried the ball six times before suffering a season ending injury — for the third time of his career.

Support for the high character running back continues to pour out from fans across the nation. We here at Heartland have nothing but love for Anderson! May his best years be ahead of him.

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