Top 10 Remain Unchanged In College Football Playoff Rankings

The top six of the College Football Playoff rankings has adopted a simply mindset — win in November. While the top remains unchanged, the door slowly closes on any challengers. With two games left in the regular season, the Oklahoma Sooners continue to sit on the outside looking in. However, an opportunity to prove worthy of consideration awaits at the end of the season. How will things shape up when Championship Week ends?

College Football Playoff Rankings

1 Alabama 10-0
2 Clemson 10-0
3 Notre Dame 10-0
4 Michigan 9-1
5 Georgia 9-1
6 Oklahoma 9-1
7 LSU 8-2
8 Washington State 9-1
9 West Virginia 8-1
10 Ohio State 9-1
11 UCF 9-0  1
12 Syracuse 8-2  1
13 Florida 7-3  2
14 Penn State 7-3  6
15 Texas 7-3  4
16 Iowa State 6-3  6
17 Kentucky 7-3  -6
18 Washington 7-3  7
19 Utah 7-3 NR
20 Boston College 7-3  -3
21 Mississippi State 6-4  -5
22 Northwestern 6-4 NR
23 Utah State 9-1 NR
24 Cincinnati 9-1 NR
25 Boise State 8-2 NR

In the grand scheme of things, the Playoff Committee will have a difficult task as Alabama and Georgia are one a collision course. Let’s pretend for a moment that the Bulldogs pull off the upset. A scenario in which the Crimson Tide are absent from the playoff is unfathomable at this point in time. Does an upset win force the hand of the committee while afford two SEC teams a shot at the national title?

Likewise, Michigan and Ohio State have a meeting set for the end of the month. Assuming the Buckeyes get the win, is it enough to jump ahead of a one loss Big 12 team — whether that be the Sooners or the West Virginia Mountaineers? Or, does the scenario completely negate the B10’s shot to play alongside the final four.

Last but certainly not least, projections currently showcase UCF earning another crack at an SEC team. Recalling the contest one year ago, the Black Knights defeated the Auburn Tigers in front of a packed house. If same thing plays out this go around, will there be questions surrounding the rankings once again? Or better yet, will the playoff expand to eight teams?

Only time will tell.

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