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Ohio State Does Oklahoma A Solid But The Sooners Still Need Help

M. Hofeld


Ohio State proved what many have been saying for a while now, that Michigan was just a tad bit overrated. By way of a 62-39 beat down on Saturday the Buckeyes eliminated their arch rivals from playoff contention and the domino effect is sure to help the Sooners who have been holding steady at #6 in the playoff rankings.

The questions that Oklahoma needs answered now are, 1) How far is Michigan going to drop, and, 2) How high is Ohio State going to rise?

In the typical media knee-jerk reaction, there’s some discussion in regards to bumping Ohio State ahead of of Oklahoma. Wins over Penn State and now Michigan would help support that cause but an ugly loss to 6-6 Purdue and a 1-point overtime win over 5-7 Maryland are going to significantly damage their case.

Oklahoma’s defensive struggles are well documented but the Sooners’ only loss this season was against Texas, a team that they’ll have another shot at this coming Saturday in the Big 12 championship game.

I would fully expect OU to be at #5 this week when the new set of playoff rankings come out. As we all know, #5 doesn’t get you in so Oklahoma is still in need of some assistance.

Alabama will be favored over Georgia in the S.E.C. championship game. A loss by the Bulldogs would eliminate them from the playoffs but a UGA upset of the Tide would all but guarantee the S.E.C. gets two teams in again this year.

An upset by South Carolina over Clemson would go a long way to support Oklahoma’s cause. So would a USC upset of Notre Dame. The Irish will be in with a win over the Trojans, and nothing is going to change that, but any combination of a Georgia or Clemson loss this week, or next, would be music to Oklahoma’s ears.

Of course the Sooners still need to handle their own business against Texas next week or all of this is for not.

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