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Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby Tries..And Fails…To Explain Horns Down

M. Hofeld


As the Big 12 Championship game draws near Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby joined Ari Temkin and Dave Archer to discuss the controversy over the horns down controversy. In the end all he really did was regurgitate some hot garbage without really addressing the issues and questions at hand.  Here’s what he had to say.

What Bowlsby didn’t address is, why now? Horns down has been a thing since…well…forever. Why is it suddenly interpreted as a penalty this year? If they’re really going to play this off as an NCAA rule that has “nothing to do with the horns down” then what triggered that?

Could the hook’em be a penalty as well? It sure should be based on this very loose interpretation of the rule. If the down horns could be viewed as taunting then the hook’em flashed during the game by players should carry the same weight. Will it though? We don’t know because the conference won’t address that aspect of this saga.

Passing the buck here that it’s an NCAA rule is just plain ludicrous and it sets a bad precedent. Under that rule you could deem Gatorade baths, high fives, chest bumps, fist pumps, and raising your hands in the air as penalties because all of those come at the expense of your opponent.

It’s been though that the Big 12 is pandering to Texas and Bowlsby’s comments on this matter have done absolutely nothing to erase that perception.

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