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Tom Herman Makes Statement Proving He Has No Idea What “Class” Is

M. Hofeld


Tom Herman is so bothered by someone putting the horns down that he’s become completely irrational over it. The Texas Longhorns head coach said that he and his team are pretty much all class when it comes to their opponents in an article published by 247Sports.

“We handled ourselves with class, many, many, many times when we were faced with opportunities when other teams weren’t handling themselves with class,” Herman said.

You know, sometimes life just comes at you fast. I honestly don’t think Herman saw the backlash this issue would bring up once it became public. It wasn’t just Oklahoma fans pushing the issue either, it was coming from fanbases across the conference. Herman just couldn’t see that from his burnt orange bubble, so the natural reaction is to make yourself a victim in the situation.

Saying that he, and his team, have handled things with class is either a straight up lie or a position of ignorance. Either way it doesn’t look good and won’t help advance his narcissistic crusade to rid the sport of something that only he, and his team, doesn’t like. It may look good to a gullib

Let’s talk for just a moment about Herman’s class…or lack there of.
You don’t have to reach too far back in your memory to recall Tom Herman storming the field in Stillwater ready to fight after one of his players (known around the league as Rapunzel) made a dirty play as the Cowboys were taking a knee in victory formation.

Herman was fighting mad that night and had to be restrained. I guess that’s his version of responding with class though.

Then there was the Longhorn bowl win last December in which Hermon made fun of Missouri quarterback Drew Lock. But then again, I guess his version of class is superior to young athletes playing an emotionally charged and physical game. They absolutely should be held to a higher standard of sportsmanship than the grown man on the sideline mocking them and challenging them to fights.

There’s no shortage of hypocrisy along the Forty Acres and Tom Herman seems to be King of the Court when it comes to it. Herman is that guy who only stops looking at himself in the mirror long enough to try and figure out why no one likes him.

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