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Kyler Murray’s Biggest Fan Gives Endorsement For Heisman

Rich DeCray


The conclusion of the season has come as programs across the nation begin making preparations for the bowl season. However, with the close of the year comes award recipient announcements and none loom larger than the Heisman Trophy. On Saturday, a wrench was thrown into the conversation as the unlikely occurred.

Considered the front-runner, many analysts quickly tossed the Heisman in the direction of Tua Tagovailoa. The quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide continuously put up impressive numbers. Leading possibly the best offense in school history, the sophomore has thrown for 3,335 yards. The number ranks twenty-third in the nation. However, the signal caller suffered an injury in the SEC Championship Game after throwing two interceptions. It was the perfect storm to add drama to the Heisman talks.

Playing a bit of catch up, Kyler Murray stepped in and did exactly what was expected of the junior. Clinching a forth consecutive Big 12 Championship for the Oklahoma Sooners, the quarterback has amassed 4,053 passing yards. By comparison, the number ranks seventh in the country. Yet, the one skill set Murray possesses that the competition doesn’t is the ability to make plays with his feet. Over the course of the year, the dual-threat signal caller has racked up 892 rushing yards as well.

As the two continue on a collision path in the College Football Playoff, the two will also meet in New York City as finalists for the Heisman Trophy. For now, we can assume that Murray has at least one first place vote that Tua cannot earn. How?

The reigning Heisman Winner, Baker Mayfield is granted a vote for the upcoming Heisman Trophy. When asked if his vote had been cast, the quarterback quickly replied with, “I’ll do that soon.” However, the former recipient of the award continued the statement in depth. From the verbiage above, it’s hard to imagine that vote going to anyone other than Kyler Murray!

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