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The Big Tease Of Kyler Murray Returning For A Senior Season

M. Hofeld


Oklahoma fans need to prepare themselves for a quarterback battle this spring between Austin Kendall and Tanner Mordecai. More so, they need to be prepared for the battle to go deep into the summer after Spencer Rattler shows up. That’s the most probable scenario for the immediate future of the signal callers at OU. However, there’s a very small chance that something else can happen.

There’s is the slightest of chances that Kyler Murray would choose to forgo Major League Baseball and pursue the NFL. If that’s his choice then a return to Oklahoma could be in the cards.

Why Would He Do That?

  • The film that is out there of Murray is pretty fantastic…there’s just not a whole lot of it. One more year of doing his thing on the gridiron could put him in the running for a top overall pick. Then he’s looking at $30-plus million guaranteed money instead of the $5 million he’s got right now.
  • There’s only been one person win the Heisman twice. A return to Oklahoma could potentially put Murray in the same category as the great Archie Griffin and solidify his place in college football immortality.
  • Despite his quiet demeanor, Kyler Murray is a fierce competitor. His return would not only put the Sooners as the clear front-runners for the Big 12 and once again have them in the playoff conversation. Oklahoma was very close this year, could that on it’s own be a big enough factor to sway him back.

Can He Come Back?

Why yes, yes he can. There is a clause in his contract with Oakland that allows him to return a large portion of his money back to the A’s and stay at Oklahoma.

Will He Come Back?

There are a couple of things that need to be addressed before I give my opinion on this topic.

First, I’m a bit surprised that Murray hasn’t made an announcement of any kind just yet. That let’s us know that he’s legitimately weighing his options.

Second, there is growing speculation that he may indeed be heading back to Norman.

Finally, Spencer Rattler was on record that he was told by Lincoln Riley there wouldn’t be a transfer quarterback coming in this year. Rattler was told straight up that he was the only quarterback in the 2019 class.

To me that means either Justin Fields has either informed Lincoln Riley that he’s not coming to Oklahoma or Riley isn’t interested because he has the Heisman winner coming back for another year and then the nation’s top pro style prospect ready to go after that.

What Do I Think Is Going To Happen?

I think Oklahoma fans need to prepare themselves for a long quarterback battle that begins this spring and also start following the Oakland Athletics during the summers.

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