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Oklahoma State Cowboys Add OL Coach, Charlie Dickey To Staff

Rich DeCray


In the wake of yesterday’s news, the Oklahoma State Cowboys found a need for a new offensive line coach after Josh Henson parted ways with the program. Making quick work of the situation, Head Coach Mike Gundy attempted to reach out to Charlie Dickey to fill the void. Previously, Dickey turned down a position with O-State citing a loyalty to his previous post. This time, however, the offensive line coach decided to make the switch.

Over the course of a 30-year career, Dickey earned quite the reputation. Regarded as one of the nation’s premier offensive line coaches, the assistant produced 22 All-Conference lineman at Kansas State. Continuing to develop the talent, two went on to receive All-American honors while the Wildcats set the school record for rushing yards per carry at 5.27 in 2016.

The addition of Dickey to the Oklahoma State program remains well received by those involved on the staff as well as fans surrounding the program. Set to take over, Dickey is scheduled to be on campus sooner rather than later to begin preparing for a players meeting.


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