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Caleb Kelly & Jordan Kelly Suffer “Lower Body” Injuries

M. Hofeld


The news isn’t good coming out of Norman on Thursday afternoon. The university announced that both Caleb Kelly and Jordan Kelly have suffered “lower body” injuries that required surgery.

While the exact detail of the injuries hasn’t been disclosed you can assume that a lower body injury that requires surgery is going to have a rehabilitation period. It’s unlikely that the two will miss the entire 2019 season but it would be likely they won’t be ready for Houston on August 31st.

Caleb Kelly was looked on to have a significant role in Alex Grinch’s new defense. The senior to be has recorded 153 tackles and recovered three fumbles during his first three seasons at Oklahoma. His speed and athleticism make him perfect for the weakside linebacker position.

“I do like having that experience playing middle because coming into that this year, it was hard, because it was hard for me last year going into it,” Kelly said Monday after the Sooners’ first scrimmage of the spring. “I kind of got that first step out of the way. I’ve been having fun doing it. I haven’t had an amazing spring, but I have gotten better every single day.”

For the exact same reasons Caleb Kelly was a good fit a the weakside linebacker, Jordan Kelly was a fit for the middle of the defensive line. A redshirt freshman in 2019, Kelly appeared to be on track to make some noise with Nevelle Gallimore at the defensive tackle position.

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