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Kyler Murray’s Gamble Pays Off…Big Time

M. Hofeld


Kyler Murray turned down nearly $5 million dollars from Major League Baseball to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. Kyler Murray is a genius!

Eleven months after the Oakland Athletics selected him with the ninth overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, Murray signed his rookie contract with the Arizona Cardinals, of the NFL, for $35,158,644 fully guaranteed. Murray’s contract is for four years with a fifth-year option available.

The Cardinals, who selected Murray with the top overall pick in last month’s NFL Draft, priced Josh Rosen at half of that value last year. Arizona drafted the former UCLA quarterback #10 overall in 2018 and then signed him to a 4-year/$17.6 million dollar contract.

After paying Rosen $10.9 million up front, as a signing bonus, the Cardinals shipped him to the Miami Dolphins on the second day of last month’s draft.

Some speculated that Murray had made a huge mistake of turning down his already guaranteed millions from Major League Baseball for a dream of the NFL. It turns out he absolutely made the right choice though. After the Cardinals selected him with the first pick of the draft, Murray became the first athlete to ever be drafted in the first rounds of both the MLB and NFL drafts.

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