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Lincoln Riley’s Pay, Perks, & Performance Bonuses Linked To Contract Extension

Rich DeCray


After producing consecutive Heisman winning quarterbacks alongside consecutive appearances in the College Football Playoff, Lincoln Riley’s name surfaced in NFL rumors. In an attempt to put the idea to rest, the Board of Regents at the University of Oklahoma put a contract extension on the table 72 hours after a season-ending loss to Alabama. Agreeing to the terms, the Oklahoma Sooners locked up the head coach through 2023 and the details are now being released.


Receiving a $1.2M bump in earnings, Lincoln Riley becomes the recipient of the largest increase in program history according to The Tulsa World. Now sitting at $6M, the number ranks ninth highest in the country. In addition, 20 tickets for each home game will be reserved for the head coach along a suite for personal and/or family use during the games.


Outside of Saturdays, the details of the contract also include access to a vehicle assigned according to department guidelines. Oh and did we mention the fact that Riley also receives access to a private airplane. The use is limited to 35 hours on an annual basis though. Last but not least, the coach gains playing privileges at two local golf courses.

Performance Bonuses

Last but certainly not least, the contract language provides several performance bonuses. As stated by The Tulsa World, “Lincoln Riley has several performance bonuses which include a $400,000 payday for winning the College Football Playoff national championship game. Based on last year’s finish (a CFP semifinal appearance against Alabama in the Orange Bowl and Big 12 title), Riley would have earned a $300,000 bonus under the current terms. ($150,000 for CFP game, $100,000 for winning Big 12 title, $50,000 for top five finish in CFP ranking).”


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