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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Kyler Murray Expresses Dissatifaction With Madden Rating

Rich DeCray


Earlier today, EA Sports announced the initial Madden ratings for the incoming rookie class. The No. 1 Overall Draftee, Kyler Murray expressed some disapproval in the wake of the releases. Receiving a speed score of 91, the signal caller posted the highest rating of any quarterback in the draft with a 73 overall.

Behind the popular Arizona Cardinals figure, Dwayne Haskins received a 72 rating as a quarterback. However, the rest of the players at the position fell at or below 67 on the scale.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by the company on Monday morning, Murray said, “I’m Kyler Murray, and I am not happy with my Madden rating.” Others featured alongside the top pick echoed the statement while making adjustments based upon their own opinions of themselves.

While many are surprised that the class ratings remained low, only one draftee earned an 80 overall. The mark belongs to the No. 3 selection and defensive tackle, Quinnen Williams.

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