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In An Epic “Classy” Move, Texas Denies Opponents Air Conditioning

M. Hofeld


The next time Joe Texas fan tells you how classy his team is, remind him that the Longhorns have denied their opponents air conditioning in the locker rooms. In a move that rivals lower classes of high school football visitors to Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium, visitors have to deal with 93-plus degree temperatures without the comfort of climate control.

“First of all, I called Louisiana Tech, and they told us about it,” LSU head coach Ed Orgeron said Monday. “So we did some things in the dressing room that were better. It wasn’t great, but it was better. At least we had air in there. They didn’t have air. We had some blowers in there. I don’t think that caused as much as going out there and having to play 93 plays on defense. I think that had a lot to do with it.”

Keep in mind that this is how the university that is fighting tooth and nail to have the “horns down” hand sign eradicated from college football because it is classless. It’s also the university who’s head coach likes to remind people how classy they are.

“We handled ourselves with class, many, many, many times when we were faced with opportunities when other teams weren’t handling themselves with class,” Herman said to reporters last November when asked about the horns down.

This is the same guy who made fun of Missouri quarterback Drew Lock from the sidelines of the Texas Bowl and also charged the field to fight Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy, in Stillwater, last season. I guess we can now add denying air conditioning to the opponents as one of his acts of class as well. I guess there’s nothing quite like good ole’ fashioned Texas hospitality.

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  1. Sometimes you have to get creative to stay relevant, I guess? 😂 This seems like a new low, even for Texas.

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