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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Parnell Motley Tops All Cornerbacks In Completion Percentage Allowed

Rich DeCray


Looking to drastically improve the defense from top to bottom, the Oklahoma Sooners scoured the nation in search of a new defensive coordinator. Officially hiring Alex Grinch to fill the void, the young coach handed fans an immediate reason for excitement. Despite a new system being install, the players on the field remained largely unchanged. This led to questioning just how good this group — specifically the secondary — could be moving forward.

Adapting and buying into the ‘Grinch’ way, one cornerback has responded extremely well. Through two games this season, receivers covered by Parnell Motley have been targeted a total of twelve times. However, the defensive back has allowed a single reception after earning the starting role for the Sooners. Breaking that number down, quarterbacks have completed a mere 8.3% of their attempts when Motley has been in coverage. Believe it or not, it’s a number that tops the FBS level of competition.

As the defense continues to find an identity, it appears as though Motley is doing his part on one side of the field. Of course, the sample size for all players is relatively small at this point in time. It will be an interesting stat line to keep track of throughout the remainder of the season — especially in the conference play.


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