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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Kicker Under Title IX Investigation

Rich DeCray


According to The Oklahoman, Calum Sutherland is now under investigation by the University of Oklahoma’s Title IX office. Accused by a fellow student of physical assault in documents obtained by Joe Mussatto, the Sooner kicker continue to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

Initially, police officers responded to a disturbance complaint before being confronted by a female party. Stating that she suffered a short verbal and physical altercation, the woman accused her boyfriend as the instigator. It just so happens that she says she’s dating Sutherland.

In a statement, the officer said they “did not observe any injuries on her person.” However, it is believed that Sutherland was “highly intoxicated” during the events of the evening. Knowing the kicker was previously arrested for public intoxication On September 21 will not aide any counter arguments to the latter half of that claim.

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