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Dear Sooner Fans (from a Cowboy Fan)

Zachary Low


Dear Sooner Fans,

Before I get to the meat of my message here, let me start off by saying that I come in peace.

I’ve been a fan of the Oklahoma State Cowboys for about as long as I can remember. Growing up, my parents were not huge sports fans, so I was unaware of their support for the Oklahoma Sooners. Because of this, I was heavily influenced my childhood best friend, whose family was full of Cowboy fans. For the last two decades, I have been all black and orange (the good one, not that burnt stuff).

Despite being an Oklahoma State fan, I have watched many Sooner games over the years. Some of these I have cheered ferociously for the other team, and for a few of them, I have wished the Sooners well—even to the point of being disappointed in a loss (think Rose Bowl 2018 against Georgia).

I have watched as many Red River Rivalry games as a lot of my Sooner fan friends have, and for the most part, I have been somewhere in the middle as far as who I want to see win. To be honest, at times, a quadruple-overtime Red River Rivalry game with a score of 0-0 has sounded absolutely amazing. That is not the case this year.

Tomorrow, I will be standing with my Oklahoma brothers and sisters as the Sooners take on the Texas Longhorns. I want the University of Oklahoma to win the game for a few reasons.

Reason #1: I feel obligated

Rivalries aside, we are Oklahomans. I have lived here all of my life, and I’ve seen this great state come together in some incredible ways over the years, and when it all comes down to it, Oklahomans have to stick together.

I can get along with our neighbors to the south just fine. Some of my best friends are from Texas, and I forgive them for that, but when we’re dealing with the world of sports, it’s another level of loyalty, and because of that, I stand by my Oklahoma brethren.

Reason #2: Revenge

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Cowboys had a golden opportunity to pick up a big win on a national stage against the Longhorns in Austin. Instead of seizing the opportunity, Oklahoma State fell flat, and things have been a bit rough since.

For the better part of the last decade, Oklahoma State has owned the University of Texas when it comes to playing in Austin. Letting a chance to beat them once again slip away was an embarrassment, mostly because coaching was the primary source of blame, but none of that matters now. I want the Sooners to win so that I can feel better about myself.

Reason #3: Horns Down

When the Big 12 started to go down the road of being politically correct or whatever you want to call it, I knew we were in for quite a ride. The fact that “Horns Down” will be penalized “like any other celebration foul” is an absolute joke. If there’s no room for human emotion in the world of sports, is there room for it anywhere?

Personally, I’m not a fan of trash talk. I think you play your hardest on the field, court, or whatever playing surface you find yourself on, and let your talent and strategy do the talking for you. However, when it comes to celebrations, sometimes emotions need to be let loose.

If Longhorn players and fans can go “Horns Up” to celebrate a monster hit, a touchdown, etc., why can’t opposing players and fans reciprocate with a “Horn Down” gesture? “Horns Down” wouldn’t even exist if it were not for the “Horns Up” celebration, so who should we be blaming here?

Enough of this soft “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling” crap. If they don’t want to see “Horns Down,” then they need to stop getting their butts kicked up and down the field. It’s as simple as that.

So when the Sooners take the field tomorrow, just know that I will not only be watching the game, but I will be cheering for the University of Oklahoma because whether we are Sooner fans or Cowboy fans, we’re all Oklahoma.


A Cowboy Fan

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