Dallas Renegades

Stoops’ History Points To A Win For The Renegades On Sunday

Craig Hofeld


The Renegades may not have come up with the result they wanted last week, but history is on their side for week two when they face the LA Wildcats.

Head Coach Bob Stoops has only lost back-to-back regular season games once in his career. His overall record following a loss is 40-6, which might be equally as impressive.

Stoops is one of the most decorated college football coaches of the modern era. His ability to win consistently, and to bounce back from losses has defined his career and placed him amongst some of the greatest of all-time.

He has brought a college football environment to the XFL. However, he also realizes he is dealing with grown men who are professional athletes. His ability to find a balance between the two will determine his success in this league.

Coach Stoops has been able to prepare his team for a bounce back win after a loss for nearly 20 years. That being said, can he translate that to the professional level? I believe we will see a much improved Renegades squad on Sunday. After all, they don’t call him “Big Game Bob” for no reason.


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