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Dallas Renegades | Hal Mumme Coaches More Than Half A Game With A Broken Leg

Craig Hofeld


Landry Jones wasn’t the only member of the Renegades to have an injury in Sundays matchup against the Roughnecks. Offensive Coordinator Hal Mumme suffered a broken leg when he had a collision on the sideline with Cameron Artis-Payne.

Mumme turned his back in an effort to avoid colliding with Payne who was fleeing out of bounds. However, he wasn’t able to get out of the way in time.

Hal responded with his from his personal Twitter:

The Renegades have announced that Mumme will still be calling plays on Saturday when the team takes on the New York Guardians. However, he will call the game from the booth instead of the sideline.

While it’s certainly unfortunate that Mumme suffered this injury, it’s nice to know he is doing well, able to coach this weekend, and is in good spirits. It’s also quite impressive this guy was able to continue coaching more than half a game with a broken leg. Now that’s some serious dedication to the game of football!

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