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Oklahoma State Football | Mike Gundy’s Contract Shortened & Pay Cut In Wake Of Internal Review

Rich DeCray


In the midst of political unrest, a situation played out gaining the attention of the national spotlight. This issue placed Mike Gundy and star running back Chiba Hubbard at odds.

The incident sparked an internal review. In conclusion, the review failed to produce signs or indications of racism within the football program. Regardless, it appears as though repercussions are being handed out following the photo that surfaced of the Oklahoma State Cowboys’ Head Coach wearing an OAN t-shirt.

According to Brett McMurphy, the previously agreed upon 5-year contract of Gundy will be shortened by a single year. In conjunction, the Head Coach will also receive a pay cut in the amount of $1M. Apparently, the person at the helm of the program, Gundy, suggested the changes himself.

Over the past 15 years, Mike Gundy has held the position of head coach of the football program at Oklahoma State University. Easily the most prolific to hold the title, Gundy claims a 129-64 overall record. Entering the 2020 season, the Cowboys are expected to compete for the title of Big 12 Champions.


  1. FYI. Mike Gundy is the one who proposed these changes. If you are going to report something, report all the facts please.

    1. Thanks for reading but the truth is that fact was included in the article just below the embedded tweet. Last line of that paragraph clearly says “ Apparently, the person at the helm of the program, Gundy, suggested the changes himself.”

  2. Get us a real coach!! One that can get us to the next level!! One that is a great recruiter and won’t continue to lose to our archenemy every single year!

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