Big 12 Football Scheduling Report: BYU Out Of 10-Game Conference Slate Conversation

With college football scheduling remaining in a state of flux while members of the Big 12 Conference await an official decision and announcement, some speculated the league could move to a 10-game conference slate which included the BYU Cougars. However, it appears as though that was simply a pipe dream according to Matt Mosley of PressBoxDFW.

Playing a round-robin schedule in the Big 12 before the Conference Championship Game pits the top two teams in the league against one another with high stakes on the line. But, in the current health climate the 9-game conference slate seems to be more of a hindrance. Although expansion talks have swirled about int he past, the Big 12 never got to a point in which another school joined the conference.

Sitting at ten members, it looks as though the most logical option on the table remains a plus-one format. In this scenario the plus-one leans heavily toward smaller non-conference foes such as the one the Oklahoma Sooners still have on the schedule for August 29th — the Missouri State Bears.

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