Initial AP Poll | Oklahoma Sooners Receiving First Place Votes, Oklahoma State Cowboys Checks In At No. 15

Despite two conferences opting out of a the upcoming college football season, the AP Top 25 still includes schools from the Big 10 as well as the PAC-12. However, those two leagues only represent 30% of the initial top ten in the poll.

AP Top 25 poll

First-place votes in parentheses

1. Clemson (38)
2. Ohio State (21)
3. Alabama (2)
4. Georgia
5. Oklahoma (2)
6. LSU (1)
7. Penn State
8. Florida
9. Oregon
10. Notre Dame
11. Auburn
12. Wisconsin
13. Texas A&M
14. Texas
15. Oklahoma State
16. Michigan
17. USC
18. North Carolina
19. Minnesota
20. Cincinnati
21. UCF
22. Utah
23. Iowa State
24. Iowa
25. Tennessee

In a bit of surprise, the Oklahoma Sooners managed to pull a couple of first place votes even though the program will field a first year starter at the quarterback position. In addition, Kennedy Brooks stepped away from the collegiate circuit leaving behind a noticeable void. Still the defense continues to improve and the offensive line should be one of the best in the country. Could Creed Humphrey and the rest of the players in the trenches be the reason OU wrangled two votes away from Clemson and Ohio State?

With College Football Playoff hopes, the Sooners are the only Big 12 program inside the top ten of the pre-season rankings. However, the No. 14 Texas Longhorns and No. 15 Oklahoma State Cowboys are knocking on the door. Playing to role of spoiler in the conference, the two have set their sights fairly high this year.

Taking up one of the final spots in the rankings, Iowa State checks in at No. 23 just ahead of kickoff. As parts shift before settling, anything can happen in a league full of capable quarterbacks.

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