Just In Time! Oklahoma’s Trejan Bridges Cleared To Play

Oklahoma sophomore receiver Trejan Bridges has missed some big games this season but now he’ll be in uniform for the biggest one. On Friday Bridges was cleared by the NCAA to play for the remainder of the season, giving Lincoln Riley one more asset at his disposal for the offense.

As a freshman in 2019 Bridges played in 13 games. He only caught seven passes on the year. Two of his receptions went for touchdowns including, one against Iowa State, but the seemingly unlimited potential for the one-time Rivals 5-star is what stands out the most.

Now the questions is whether he’ll play on Saturday when the Sooners take on Iowa State for the conference championship. The answer is a resounding yes! Let’s go back to that potential we discussed in the previous paragraph. There’s simply too much of it to leave on the sideline.

Word is that he’s been getting reps with the first-team offense and he was already very familiar with Spencer Rattler before either of them arrived on campus in Norman. He’s been anticipating this moment all season long and don’t forget, we’re talking about a gut who Lincoln Riley compared to Oklahoma State’s Tylan Wallace. Yeah, I think he’ll play.

The bigger issue here is how much power the NCAA has over these kids. I’m never going to be a guy who stands in the way of accountability and justice. Those are two fundamental building blocks for a healthy society. However, I don’t think you can wrap up the Trejan Bridges saga by saying justice was served and accountability was held. You just can’t. It’s more along the lines of, the paperwork got buried on a desk somewhere and they just now found it. This suspension should have ended well over a month ago but it didn’t and there’s been no public reason given as to why it didn’t.

“(Bridges) has been dragged through enough in my opinion, Riley said of the situation last month. “Trejan’s got to hang in there. He’s going to be a really, really good football player.”

Despite the prolonged suspension, Bridges will travel to Arlington game ready and the Sooners will be a bit stronger on offense now as a result.

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