Sooner Nation Podcast | Here’s Why It Would Be Important For Ronnie Perkins To Be Drafted First

We had a brief hiatus but we’re back with lots to talk about in this edition of the Sooner Nation Podcast.

Episode Talking Points

  • Oklahoma’s bad draw in the NCAA Tournament
  • Why it would be better for Ronnie Perkins to be the first Sooner selected in the NFL Draft
  • True or False (Rich asking the questions)
  • Oklahoma Softball continues to dominate

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2 Replies to “Sooner Nation Podcast | Here’s Why It Would Be Important For Ronnie Perkins To Be Drafted First”

  1. Really like this podcast. Listen to it all the time.

    Misinformation on the softball program from the recent episode.

    1. Patty Gasso did NOT say this year‘s team was possibly the best she’s ever had. She said this offense may be the best offense she’s ever had. She knows very well this is not the best team she’s ever had because she does not have elite pitching this year.

    2. No this is NOT Patty’s best team ever. They are 22-0 but they haven’t played anyone elite yet. Pitching is far and away the most important component of a softball team and the Sooners have a less than elite pitching staff this year. G Juarez can be elite when she’s at her very best. That is not always. There are no other elite level pitchers on the staff. It will be very difficult to win a championship this year because of the pitching.

    3. No our pitching is not one of the “strongest batteries in the nation“. Already discussed, Oklahoma is pitching staff is not elite.

    4. Sydney Romero is not on the Mexican national team. She is a graduate assistant coach at Oklahoma.

    1. Hey Tom,

      Thanks so much for listening to our podcast. It is always fantastic to hear from our listeners and we truly consider it an honor. That said, we’re going to have to agree to disagree on a few of these things. I’ll admit that I may have misunderstood what Gasso said about this team or offense. However, the fact that this crew has pitched 14 shutouts makes them pretty strong. Included in those shutouts are Missouri and the Mexican National Team.

      Speaking of the Mexican National Team, Sydney Romero played CF, short stop, and second base for them when they played the Sooners last weekend.

      Thanks again for listening and for dropping a comment. Please feel free to do so more often.

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