Reports: Trejan Bridges & Seth McGowan Named On Police Scanner As Suspects In Armed Robbery

It’s worth noting here at the top that this is a developing story with a pending investigation. At this point due process is still playing out which means there’s a ton of speculation still out there. What was confirmed on Friday is that an incident occurred involving student athletes. It is also confirmed that those student athletes are football players and have been suspended from the team pending the investigation. The incident has been labeled as a robbery but I’ve yet to see anywhere credible describe it as an armed robbery. That said, there was a firearm involved in the situation.

While just about everyone with a Twitter account had access to the names of those involved, no one wanted to be the first to actually report those names without a credible source to stand on. It appears that that has now happened as Carey Murdock (Rivals) released the names of Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan as being named on the police scanner as suspects in a robbery.

Now that the names are officially out there you can expect speculation to ramp up even more. While it’s fair to discuss and even speculate, it would be offsetting for me to do that on this platform until further information is released. I will say that, at this point, it doesn’t look good.

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