Quotable | Here’s What The Sooners Had To Say After Their 6-2 Win Over Florida State

Oklahoma isn’t finished battling. The Sooners rebounded from Tuesday’s loss to take down Florida State on Wednesday, forcing a decisive third and final game of the championship series on Wednesday. Here’s what Patty Gasso, Giselle Juarez and Jocelyn Alo had to say after their 6-2 win to even the series.

Yeah, I did settle in, and I think my hitters came up to me and they were, like, we’ve got you, we have your back. And I think for me it was all about keeping them in that game. They had my back. They’re always going to have my back. And I think when I go out there every time, even if I do give up a hit like I’ve got to keep them in the game and they’re going to do their thing and get them back in the dugout to hit.

Giselle Juarez on recovering after giving up the early home run

I was kind of just keeping the offense locked in the game the whole time. And I was telling them the adjustments we needed to make. And we made them there in the end. And it was just a matter of just passing the torch. Just one hitter goes, another hitter goes, another hitter goes. So just kind of keeping that ball rolling.

Jocelyn Alo on getting the offense going

I’ll first start with the fact that she has been waiting for this moment. And I don’t know — I think sometimes when you’re away from the game or you really want that moment and you’re not getting it, it just kind of takes you to another place of, like, why am I not getting this? What do I have to do to get the ball more?

And that started happening in postseason. And she’s turned into postseason form because she kind of let go of some of the things that were holding on to her, like, in her mind — second-guessing and questioning and thinking too much.

So you’re seeing a very free Giselle Juarez, which is what we did see in 2019. But it’s a different G. It’s very determined, very determined, unfazed right now. It’s really exciting to see that.

Yes, tomorrow. I’m not telling you if she’s going to start or not, because I don’t know any of that yet. We’ve got to go back and just work out how we’re going to go about this. But everything is on the table right now. You’ve got to do everything you can to find a way to win this. So whatever we have to do — and I know she’ll do whatever she has to do as well.

Patty Gasso on Giselle Juarez and who will start in the circle on Thursday

When we gathered there in the fifth, we were, like, okay, like just kind of calming ourselves down a little bit. And just knowing that we were hitting the ball hard. So something was going to fall and something was going to start. A rally was going to start.

So it was just a matter of keeping us calm and practicing our breathing techniques that we’ve practiced all the time.

Alo on the team meeting in the fifth inning

I was just super pumped. My hitters gave us a chance to win that game. And I think I just had to do my job and that’s what I did. And I’m excited because now we’re right there.

Juarez on getting the final out

It’s the difference in the game, without question. I mean, Giselle did such a great job. But offensively we were just not — we were not having a lot of success. And Jocelyn is always the shot in the arm. She’s the one in everybody’s ear. It could be really easy for a hitter like her to just say, you know what, I’m that good and nobody else is. What are you guys doing?

And she’s right in the middle of this. She is right in the middle of this team and trying to help them get rallied. She’s not too big for these guys. She definitely is a great team player. So we without question needed that. And she was the spark throughout the game, without question.

Gasso on Jocelyn Alo’s home run

I did know it was out.

Alo on if she knew her home run was gone

I knew I was feeling good out there the whole game. So it was just a matter of staying calm and trying to hit a pitch hard. And I saw it. And I smacked it.

Alo on what she saw in the home run pitch

I mean, everyone’s feeling a little fatigue. It’s been a long tournament. But I mean, I’m ready to go. I am pumped and I think adrenaline is just going to take over and we’re just going to have fun.

Juarez on if she could pitch on Wednesday

I didn’t really think too much about it, but now that you asked it’s a very cool thing to happen to me. And I think it just goes to show how much work that I put into this and how much J.T. and me have been working this whole offseason. So it’s just a testament to him and what he’s done and Coach Gasso for just keeping me sane.

Alo on her home run breaking the all-time team record

Thank you for asking that question. We have over 40 cameras here. And there’s a reason why we cannot have instant replay. I don’t know how many college programs don’t have it. I think more do have it. We’re on the biggest stage there is. I’ve never come out of — now, I’m not — umpires are human. And coaches come out and they argue calls. I just feel like there’s been so much of coaches coming out of their dugouts to question calls. And probably a lot of them are right. I’m not saying that they’re wrong. But it’s certainly, for peace of mind and for the good of the game, we want things to be right.

Umpires want things to be right. So I have no real — you’re hearing a lot of us coaches just — we’re baffled why don’t we have instant replay? Baseball has it. Volleyball has it. Why doesn’t softball have it, especially on the biggest stage? It’s only fair — it’s fair for both programs, for all teams in the World Series. Everyone in the postseason.

If it takes a little extra time, our sport is that good that people aren’t going to leave. And if they leave, personally, I would say I would rather a fan leave viewership and us get the call right.

It’s what the game deserves. It’s what our players deserve. It’s what our players deserve. And I think everyone’s — there’s just — it’s timing. It’s all about timing. We want your game to be finished and get done by a certain time.

Let’s do this right. Let’s do this right. We deserve that.

Gasso on Nicole Mendes being called out in the first inning and the need for instant replay

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